How to fix Linux Cheese error “There was an error playing video from the webcam”

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Linux Comic
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After I installed Nobara I went to try out my cam on Cheese and got an error I didn’t get with OpenSuse. It said, “There was an error playing video from the webcam”.

I thought this was because perhaps a module or something didn’t load so of course I restarted. Then I tried turning off/on the cam. No nice. When I searched for an answer I came across one in a forum that said that the default picture resolution in Cheese is set too high for some webcams. When you open Preferences and change the video resolution to a lower setting it works. I closed Cheese and opened it back up the video shows now.

Strangely it seems to have gone back to the default value that was high that it had. Oh well, the fact that it works is fine with me. If it has a bug in displaying the correct value, or if there is some other bug it is solved for me.

I always test the cam by installing Cheese on a Linux OS. I attend meetings frequently so I want to be prepared for a meeting anytime in Teams/Zoom. Nobara doesn’t seem to have a Zoom installer in their Discover store, so I will use the web versions of those chat clients. The web version works great for me no matter what Linux version I use, so I don’t have to worry about app compatibility anymore.

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