How to add a Weather applet to your system tray/taskbar

Weatherapplet Location
Weatherapplet Location
Weather applet location

I was thinking that I kind of missed the weather applet that I had set up with Linux Mint. I wondered what the temp was but was too lazy to look at it on my iPhone. Plus this is something that I could use to compare if the iPhone temp was correct.

Surprisingly enough it was under the system tray settings. I didn’t even have to download an app! Even better than Linux Mint. I just set it to be enabled by clicking on the drop-down and then putting in the city name when it showed up in my system tray/taskbar area next to my volume. Easy.

Is there a downside to using this app? Not really. It makes sense and it also shows you how you can customize the desktop to be whatever you want it to be.

These are some really neat features that would help people who use a system. There were more at the top but you can explore this when you install OpenSuse.

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