How many screens are you using each day?

sony illustration tv

This isn’t to brag but I have 7 screens that I am using. It is too much.

First and most important is the 55-inch TV screen I use as a monitor. The second is my computer laptop monitor that I keep on so that when I have Zoom meetings I can look directly at people. The third most used is the Mac to my right side, which I have open to LinkedIn to monitor my website traffic/chat. Then I have an iPad/iPhone, and an additional consulting Windows and Mac laptop. Both of which I use to do my job.

sony illustration tv
sony illustration tv

Why am I sharing this with you? I want to simplify but unfortunately I can’t. I could go without the Mac computer but then I would have more windows on my main personal Windows PC and that in the past has caused it to crash. Thankfully since it has come back and I reseated the memory it hasn’t crashed. I appreciate that. I hope that switching the RAM fixed the issue with the MSI crashing.

I don’t use the iPad but to play Marvel Strike Force when I take a break. I have my iPhone on a charging stand so most of the time I don’t use it. It is only setup to use the MFA authentication which is the only reason I really use it. Sometimes like just now my Mac and PC screen savers come on so I stretch both arms to bring them alive like I am playing a giant technology musical organ.

I suppose I could put the MFA on the iPad but I still need to have the iPhone around just in case. Not really an advantage in my point of view. Plus having an iPhone MFA can be easier to keep charged since it is on its charging stand.

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I wish that TV monitors could run multiple inputs simultaneously and then I would mirror them to the TV and then it would save power from having to run individual screens. One day multiple inputs simultaneously will be the norm and laptops will be able to stream to a larger display. One day!