Helped a friend move to Inmotion hosting

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I helped a friend today move to Inmotion hosting. It was because her old hosting provider had a problem and didn’t respond to her request for help.

It couldn’t be easier. In their instructions, they had an easy-to-follow step-by-step on how to back up from Cpanel and then upload it using FTP to the new site. Their provided configuration file and Cyberduck didn’t resolve or connect for whatever reason. Instead, I just used the file manager to upload the file into the same /home location that the FTP would have put them in. In 30 seconds the 550 MB file was uploaded. It was wonderful.

The next part of the instruction was to fill out a support ticket and I did that. Then to make sure that everything was done properly I did a text chat and talked to one of the support people. He shared that many people were transferred to them and that it might be tomorrow before the ticket was acted on. He asked me to confirm that I wanted my Cpanel restored with that file, to which I replied yes. Now the team that does that doesn’t have to reach out to confirm this was asked, and it will be smoother. Nice touch.

The next step is just to wait and when they have it restored then I can simply switch over the DNS in Cloudflare. Cloudflare is my registrar and handles the DNS as well. So the hard work is done.

Now I don’t expect anyone to work on Sunday so if they have people in another country/date I will be pleasantly surprised. However, the fact that he said it might not be done until tomorrow makes me think it might get done tomorrow. If that is the case then they will switch the DNS A record and be in business. Then finally delete their old hosting provider.

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Moving between hosting companies isn’t difficult and the more you do it, the easier it gets. A Cpanel backup/restore is an awesome way to go.