Help the world by not supporting cruel companies

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I made a mistake. I forgot that when I bought a TV a year ago, the company used to abuse children. I even had a post on this blog about it 10 years ago.

It is not my intention to support companies that hurt others. I have a list of Brands to Avoid and as much as I can remember I try to buy as ethically as possible. It is worthwhile to support companies that are not killing our fellow man and the earth. Don’t you want to live on the earth in the future?

Why am I sharing this? Its ok to make a mistake and to realize it. I am giving the TV to a friend who needs a TV and donating it kind of takes some of the negative karma off of it. Plus it turns out that having a second TV didn’t work out like I had hoped.

My goal was to watch training videos on the second TV while I was doing my work. The problem is that you have to focus to learn new skills, so trying to learn while multitasking doesn’t work. You can’t remember when you are multitasking. Perhaps you can, I can’t.

The TV is in like new condition and I spent about $250 on it. It was a good TV for the price but ultimately not the thing that I hoped it would be. Its ok to make mistakes while trying something new. Its a great way to learn.

Just reviewing my history with computer screens I have spent thousands of dollars trying different combinations to see what works best with my workstyle. I think I prefer the 50 inch size, 4k, 120hz. That is what I am using now and my eyes are no longer red and sore like they used to be with other monitors. The laptop I mentioned I recently bought has a QHD screen which is just as good to me as the screen above. I love it.

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In case you were wondering the other monitors I tried went to friends, coworkers and friends of coworkers. I don’t throw things away, I find a way to repurpose them. Its not ideal, but my friends aren’t complaining when I am unloading computer hardware on them.