Have I been guilty of discriminating against asians?

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This Pew study about Asian discrimination is surprising that 57% of Asians say they have been discriminated against.

Asian Comic
asian comic

Share of Asian adults in the U.S. who say they’ve faced each microaggression in their day-to-day interactions with strangers

Survey of 7,006 Asian adults living in the U.S. conducted from July 5, 2022, to Jan. 27, 2023

People mispronounced their name 68%
People assumed they are good at math and science 58%
They received poorer service than other people at restaurants or stores 40%
People acted as if they don’t speak English 39%
They have been called offensive names 37%
Someone said that they should go back to their home country 32%
People assumed they are not a creative thinker 22%
They have been criticized for speaking a language other than English in public* 22%
People acted as if they think they are dishonest 18%
People acted as if they are afraid of them 12%

Reading this list I asked myself if I have done any of these things. I don’t always understand unique names easily so I have mispronounced people’s names for sure. I apologize and say it is a weakness. I don’t think I have done the other things on this list. I have learned in life that everyone is an individual.

My experience with Asians has been almost 100% positive. I have worked with them and found them to be hard-working and smart. I tried to remember a negative experience I had with an Asian person and couldn’t. I did have one Asian person call me overly earnest but that was her opinion and she is entitled to it. I don’t consider that a negative thing.

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I have an Asian friend whom I admire for her hard work ethic obvious intelligence and caring nature. I love an Asian woman as well so I guess you could say I am biased. Why do we judge people on things that are not in their control? Unless you believe in preexistence they didn’t control their birth. You could have been them. Why make arbitrary rules against people just because they look different?

I shared earlier that I was a fat kid. I learned that appearance means very little. Why is it so hard to treat others as individuals?