Hackers attacking me are from the US more than other countries

hacker comic

Remember how I said how great Rocket.net is? One of the things that I have been exploring is their security and they have a firewall that gives me all sorts of data.

We have met the enemy gentlemen and they are us. Attacks are being launched against this site in the US far more than all of the other countries combined.

hacker comic
hacker comic

I am small potatoes. Other than being a capitalist pig LinkedIn is constantly trying to butcher I have nothing that warrants this kind of attention. Hackers I am telling you right now. I don’t have money, I won’t have money, and there is nothing to gain by wasting time at my site. However, if you are so bored that you need a target I guess I am as good as any. The truth is that with 14 days of backups from Rocket.net and 3 offsite backups, you will never shut me down. If I choose to quit it will be my choice and nothing you do will change my opinion. I have never backed down to intimidation or thugs.

This is not male bravado. I can’t be hurt by anything that is done to my website. I can’t be hurt by anything anyone can do to me. I am more than just a piece of meat, or I am nothing. If I die and I am nothing, then great. Or if I am more than nothing you can’t destroy me. I am either something or nothing, and either way, it doesn’t matter. I didn’t create myself and I don’t own myself, and your pathetic attempts to gain will only end up in your own destruction. Instead of trying to hurt those who have no way to benefit you, find something that brings you real gain.

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Let me share a story with you. I once had someone try to extort me and I told them I wouldn’t pay. I have nothing in my life that I wouldn’t sign and advertise my name to. There is nothing you can do to frighten me. Not everyone is a greedy, pathetic vile worm, no matter what our media gives examples of.

Waste your time and you will get exactly what I warned you. Nothing.