Good intentions aren’t enough

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Good intentions are wonderful things, but they aren’t enough. They also need to be balanced with the needs of everyone involved to do the most good.

'I hate 'make a difference day'.'For example, in the Hoarders show one of the individuals said that he was saving things so that he could sell them and give money for his grandchild’s future. What a noble goal. The downside is that it was an excuse for him to keep things until things got to a price he considered “fair”. So that kind of vague goal wasn’t helping him or his grandchild.

Or another woman who was very smart, and said she was an engineer. She liked to argue and prove she was right about food that was expired. I wonder how many infections, and bacteria her body contained with this dangerous behavior? She didn’t want to waste food, which is a noble goal. Sometimes food goes bad, and there isn’t anything you can do about it but throw it away.

Or another person who accepted gifts from her friends because she was environmental and didn’t like to see things wasted. She was turning her home into a thrift store minus the customers. Recycling is a noble goal, but you don’t have to be the focal point of everything. So she gave those things to a thrift store so that people could use them and not get dusty and not be used in her own home.

Having noble goals is a very meaningful and worthwhile thing to do. It is just that the world isn’t always black and white, and there are many shades of grey in decisions. Sometimes doing the loving thing means being honest even when the truth hurts, and sometimes being wise means not doing the noble goal.

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