Glimpse of truth through dreams

chrismas lights black

In my life, I have glimpses of truth through my dreams.

chrismas lights black
Multi-colored garland on a black background. Concept Christmas or New Year. Selective focus and shallow depth of field.

I have dreamed of the future, and it was exactly how I dreamed many times. I have dreamed of people I hadn’t thought of in years and they contacted me the next day. However, this is the most important dream I have ever had and I have been shy to share until now. I never thought I could put it into words and do it justice. I will try.

When I was a teenager I kept a dream journal. I had some amazing dreams and I would write them down and ponder the meaning. I also learned to be able to have dreams in which I realized I was in a dream and then would fly or do whatever. One dream I had that I realized I was in a dream I wondered what would happen if I tried to meditate in the dream. I could never have imagined what happened next.

As soon as I lay down to meditate everything became dark. I and everything else changed in a moment, but it was unlike anything I had experienced read, or thought of before. I was in a formless place. It had no dimension and this is hard to conceive because it is not our reality. Everything was present, and yet nothing felt constricted. I am claustrophobic but I tell you that I felt more comfortable there than anywhere I have ever felt.

I looked down at my body to understand what I was and all I could see was glowing lights like a Christmas tree multi multi-colored lights. I didn’t panic at all. It felt like the most natural thing in the world. I had nobody, yet I was something. I saw other beings who were lights similar to mine and one of them “touched” me in a way that wasn’t physical. With no sense of distance, I felt like I knew this person. No, I loved this person and I wanted them to communicate with me. Only when they had my consent did they “touch” me in a way that connected with who I was. I knew them on every level but I couldn’t put a face/name to them, they were just someone I always knew.

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Through that person, I felt connected to every other “person” in eternity. I was known, and I knew everyone else. I felt a bond with humanity or whatever humans were in this unbreakable form.

Then I woke up. I was stunned and just couldn’t believe what happened. I wrote it down and have thought about this all of my life.

I think that it was a different reality where people were changed from what we know now. If it was just a dream, then I had quite an imagination and felt a bond with humanity even stronger than I had. I will not tell you what your life values should be, but for me, I can’t deny the connection that I felt to everyone.