Giving up on looking for another Linux distro

Linux Vs Pc Mac
Linux Vs Pc Mac
Linux vs PC Mac

I am giving up on looking for another Linux distro. Why? All the research I have done leads to overwhelming support for a few popular ones, and other than Linux Mint, I don’t like them.

I just finished trying Solus which was very interesting and piqued my interest. However, I can’t recommend it to others since it doesn’t have the basic packages that people will need to get their work done. For example, when I searched their software store for Zoom it didn’t find any matches. This is not good and after further research, they only have what they compile themselves. This is against the spirit of using precompiled apps and a major red flag and blocker to use them.

Therefore for the moment at least I will give up on looking at other Linux distros. I have tried so many and found them to be lacking compared to LM. It is just disappointing when you use something great and then are forced to use something less than great.

Now I am not saying there aren’t better versions of Linux out there. I don’t know everything. However, I have tried dozens and dozens of versions of Linux and I haven’t found anything that is so well balanced. I guess for me LM has become my first OS love. It used to be Mac/windows but now it is LM. For a time I was impressed with Solaris but that time is long past.

The advantage/disadvantage of Linux is that there are so many options you can have fear of missing out by not trying different distros. However, I am pretty sure that for me, LM is my future. Until I get sick of it and/or something better comes out. It took me a long time to get sick of Windows/Mac. I don’t think I will outlive my Linux phase.

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