Give a Gen Z worker an AI project

"Do y'know, the brain in a IMAC is no bigger than a fingernail? You two should get on perfectly."

According to this article in Axios AI native Gen Zers are comfortable on the cutting edge Gen Z loves AI.

They see it as critical to their future and their job employment prospects. I have seen younger generations embracing AI more than the older ones. Part of that is that they see it as another tool, while older generations see it as a hack.

I shared earlier that I put my resume which had been professionally done into ChatGPT and it came out worse. I have been disappointed with the results of ChatGPT every time I have used it. However this isn’t about me, but rather to give some perspective on why a non-Gen Z person may not like generative AI.

"Do y'know, the brain in a IMAC is no bigger than a fingernail? You two should get on perfectly."
“Do y’know, the brain in a IMAC is no bigger than a fingernail? You two should get on perfectly.”

It makes sense that Gen Z workers would use this. They see it as a way to differentiate themselves from other generations. AI is the future, but not in the form that it exists now. There are still issues with the reliability of the data, the quality of the product, and a lot of licensing fees to work out. To me, the current AI is exactly like the Pirate Bay and BitTorrent. It uses other people’s work without attribution or payment and gives people something for free. While I like the equality aspect of this that all people can have access to data, I don’t like that content creators are not being paid for their work and there has to be a middle ground.

All of the time that technology has existed copying has existed. In school, people used to copy games and give them to their friends. It was natural to trade games because, for example, our town didn’t have a way to buy games. No store sold video games and the closest store was an hour away. Not possible for kids. Don’t misunderstand. I am not trying to justify our behavior. I am just saying that when you don’t have a distribution channel, then channels make themselves.

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Thus ChatGPT is a channel to plagiarize some of the greatest works of history. I don’t want to do that. I don’t want to ruin the lives of creative people who deserve to be paid for their work. Fairness is not just giving people who are poor access to information, but encouraging culture to produce additional works in the future.

All income from ChatGPT should go to the works in which they plagiarized. It should be run as a public service. Technology should be free, and income shouldn’t determine the has/has nots. I know this is not the way now, but one day it will be. Our society will be more stable, and healthy because of it.