Getting too many Spam requests on LinkedIn? Reduce groups

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Are you getting too many spam requests on LinkedIn? I had the same problem. I reduced the groups that I belonged to and it reduced the problem.

Now this is counter to what LinkedIn is supposed to be. You are supposed to connect with your network and people that you find are professional and valuable. However, spammers unfortunately use this openness as a way to try to scam you. It’s sad.

When I first signed up I was a member of many groups. I enjoyed reading the content that they produced. It was thoughtful and useful and I learned many things that helped me. However, as time passes, the content on LinkedIn has become less useful and I have increasingly had to unfollow people who can’t avoid talking about the same political topic over and over. I am all for free speech, but if you are trying to convert people on LinkedIn you are sorely mistaken. No one is convinced of the truth. It has to come to them through pain and suffering and even then they will deny it. Don’t try to educate people to your point of view. Share what you believe once and then move on.

Increasingly I am getting spam through paid LinkedIn messages. I love this. This means that they can’t slide into some group they see I belong to and then try to contact me. I will continue to reduce the groups that I belong to to avoid spammers. There just isn’t enough useful content to justify belonging to groups on LinkedIn anymore. Things change and you have to change with the times.

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Now of course I have a responsibility as well. I have to avoid controversial topics not because they are forbidden but because they are useless. I spoke before about how talking about controversial things at work doesn’t help anyone. It isn’t in anyone’s interest to turn LinkedIn into a heated emotional soapbox where feelings are more important than facts. I want to talk to people using facts, and if that can’t be done, then the conversation probably isn’t going to help either of us.

This is being called being data-driven or data-informed. They are not the same. I have lived my life being data-informed and I think it’s a more helpful way to live. Data is important but it is one factor among many in making helpful decisions. Everything that I share here is to help you make better data-informed decisions. If that means they are different than what I might do, then good for you. We all have to do what we think is best for ourselves and others. I don’t know your situation and I don’t judge. Life can be a beautiful thing when we trust responsible people to make responsible decisions.