Gen Z most racially and diverse generation in US history

Generational Comic

This excellent Axios article Exclusive poll: Gen Z is less religious, less Republican than others discusses this.

It says some interesting things about how they identify with Democrats more than Republican values, are not interested in church, and don’t like to be labeled. They also see a generational change as required in government which I can’t argue with. Having people who are not in touch with the current struggles of people is not helpful.

One of the most concerning things that I read in the article however is that fewer plan to vote in the 2024 election. It said they have a disinterest in another Trump-Biden matchup. Disinterest? How could you be disinterested in the future of the country? The record rates in 2020 helped win the election, and if fewer younger people will vote then the country won’t get what it wants.

Generational Comic
generational comic

Democracy is great when people vote. When people don’t vote then they have no right to complain. I have voted for every opportunity in my life. It didn’t matter how cold, uncomfortable, or tired I was. I will make my voice heard and when people abdicate their responsibility as citizens to vote, in my opinion, they have given up their citizenship. We can not have a representative democracy without informed citizens.

This is not to say that this is something that is Gen Z’s fault. They are overwhelmed dealing with the BS in their lives. They are struggling to pay college loans, survive in the workforce, and face the least purchasing power of any generation in history. Everyone older than them has had it easier than them. It isn’t fair. However, we have to support them, help them, and show them that if we need to drive them to the polling place we will do that.

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It doesn’t matter if their vote is different than ours. If you live in a rural area or someplace where it is difficult for Gen Z at work to vote, offer to help them get to the voting place. Tell them that you don’t care how they vote, but you want to help them shape their future. After all, isn’t giving a Gen Z a ride to the voting place the very LEAST we can do for them?