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Friends remind you of who you are

Neverending Story Photo

I spoke to a friend the other day and he reminded me of something I did long ago but forgot. I shared a single with him and it led him to like the group and then share one of their albums with me yesterday.

This is not to brag about myself but rather to remind people of the purpose of friends. I see many people as they get older say they don’t need friends, but I disagree. If you don’t have at least one friend you are shortchanging yourself in the richness and color they bring to your life.

Neverending Story Photo
neverending story photo

It also made me feel good about who I am. It is easy to doubt yourself in a world filled with negativity. It is easy to slip into the Swamps of Sadness and like Atryue lose what you value. It takes courage to face a world that seems to reward selfishness and act unselfishly. It is never easy, but the rewards are real and great.

What rewards do you say? The rewards of sincere friendship. The knowledge that you made the world a better place to live in it. The confidence that each day brings you closer to being wiser and more capable of being helpful to others. The clean conscience that doesn’t fear people who try to imply they know some dark secret. For example, scammers who send you an email and say they recorded you on your computer camera. When you live a life that doesn’t hurt others, no matter what happens you haven’t incurred any karmic debt and you might have paid any karmic debt if that exists.

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I don’t know what the future holds, and I don’t know if karmic law applies. Friends help keep you accountable and honest. For that alone we should be grateful.