Extend your desktop with a cheap solution

video out splitter screenshot

For only $70 if you have a Mac/PC you can extend your desktop to two additional monitors.

I have a personal PC that unfortunately didn’t have the required hardware with its thunderbolt connection. Which meant that I needed to try through another video out method. It had a USB 3 adapter so I thought I would try this. It has worked wonderfully!

To install this I plugged both HDMI cables into the device and then plugged it into the laptop. Even though it was running windows 11 experimental build it immediately found it and instantly the displays worked. I was so thrilled. I couldn’t believe it after fighting a $370 adapter that was junk.

What I like about this solution is that it also works on the mac. On the mac however you first have to download a driver and install it before you connect your devices to it. The PC quickly downloaded the driver which is convenient.

I won’t use a mac with this adapter because I love the Ivanky more. No I don’t receive any payments from them I am just thrilled how well it works.

Is there a downside to using this? It does take up a USB port, but I have a second USB port on the right side so it is no big deal. I learned that not all devices that have thunderbolt have display out capability. That is something that I will more carefully look at if I buy another PC laptop. I think this adapter would be helpful for a great number of people. People who can’t afford a more expensive docking station, students, or perhaps people who have older monitors. It could also help people who may have damaged their only HDMI output and need to output to a second or multiple monitors.

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One of the downsides is that only one of the ports supports 4k resolution. the other is 2K resolution. Which is fine with the use of this. A second monitor isn’t always exactly the same as the first, or doesn’t get looked at as much. Since this is the really only solution that I have for this device I am thrilled this even works. The 2k resolution isn’t bad. It is readable and it will work.