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Emotional intelligence is the most difficult thing in life

"If your emotional intelligence is so high, why do you always forget our anniversary?"

Having emotional intelligence is the most difficult thing in life.

In life, you learn that you can accept and forgive or you can twist yourself up in knots trying to deny it.

If you can look inside yourself and be honest with how your actions and feelings create your life you can grow beyond what you can imagine. What I see in the most ignorant emotionally limited people is that they always feel they are right and others are wrong.

Frankly, I am glad when people are honest and show who they really are. It makes it much faster and easier to deal with. A selfish person thinks they can fool and manipulate others, and a loving person is afraid they are a selfish one.

Knowing and being able to act on your feelings is critical in life. It helps you do things that help yourself and others. It helps you to stop and question yourself before you do and think about things that aren’t supported by facts. It helps you not run after baseless thoughts and feelings like a drunk addict looking for their next hit.

I see people who want to justify their world based on their feelings and beliefs. They think that their emotions are a reality and they are not. They are just chemical things or physical things that happen to us, and may or may not match with reality.

For example, I shared that once I was feeling upset about someone and it turned out that it was just a feeling in my stomach. I had just eaten too sour an apple and it was bothering me. Many times what we feel is more about our chemistry than reality.

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Mental diseases are based because people can’t distinguish what they want to be true, from reality. Now people justify their beliefs, and they also suffer for them.