Elements of what makes mashups interesting

Musical Disagreement
Musical Disagreement
musical disagreement

I love mashups. I share them here because they are in some cases better than the original.

What elements of a mashup make me share them here? I thought it might be interesting so that you can understand my thought process when I select these songs. I am constantly changing and this will change in the future.

  1. Creative. They have to be different enough to be unique, but have enough of the original tone/feeling to resonate with me. If I start listening to it and I get excited about it, I think that others might find it enjoyable as well.
  2. Surprising. We have listened to old songs for a very long time. We know them note for note. Some mashups are delightful reimaging of a song. If I am surprised when listening to a mashup it is going to get shared.
  3. Artists that I like. Some mashups have artists that I like, and some include those I have never heard of. Listening to mashups is a struggle at times because my rigidity in thinking about certain artists makes it difficult for me to listen to them. I still listen however on the off chance that I like them. Rarely is that the case. However, just like #2, I like being surprised and I always hope for some creativity.
  4. Overpowering rhythm. For some songs, I don’t know the artist or heard the original song but the rhythm/lyrics are overpowering and worthy of attention. Many small creators on YouTube make some amazing mashups but have few views. I share them because they are worth being shared.
  5. Historical context. Some songs are a history lesson and listening to them was a critical part of older generations growing up. Some music I didn’t grow up with or remember but good music has no age. I include music that I didn’t know as a child but still find amazing.
  6. Opens your heart. Music can open your mind and heart to what is possible. For example, I am listening to a new mashup now and I can feel my heart opening. I don’t need to intellectually understand something to know that it is having a positive effect on me.
  7. Nostalgia. I don’t like nostalgia and I avoid it because it is a waste of time. We can’t recapture the past. However I know that not everyone feels that way, and practically speaking most mashups include old music. Songs I don’t want to listen to in their original version anymore, but when redone are fresh and inviting.
  8. Creative music videos. Many mashups have creative music videos. It’s fun to see what people reimagine when we listen to songs.
  9. Tribute to original artists. It is touching when artists had such a big effect on music that we are compelled not only to remember them but use what they did as a basis for our thinking/creativity. It’s why we are never out of debt to the people who originated the ideas. I feel incredibly grateful to be here at this moment to have the chance to experience culture.
  10. Mood. Listening to mashups always brings joy/pleasure to me. Humans can be creative and use our energies on things that make the world a better place. Great job!
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These are my random thoughts. What do you think?