Elementor AI is bombastic

I just tried the Elementor AI and it is bombastic.

Using the previous article it quickly translated it into a variety of moods and even languages. It also took what I wrote and made it longer, and offered other things as well like making it shorter. The longer version was pure fluff. It was just the opposite of communication. It was the obfuscation of the lowest order. Just adding words to pretend something is more important.

If people’s writing sounds over the top, you know it’s probably AI. I have been trying some different writing styles to not bore readers. It is all my fault however so my inbox is always ready to hear feedback.

This is going to be very popular for people who can’t write. It will be interesting to see how people respond to AI writing. Already the shine of chatGPT is coming off. The site visits are way down and I think the initial hope that it was smart enough to be able to sound like them has passed. If AI can learn how someone writes and write in their style, it will be very popular. I wonder if that will devalue writing.

To be frank, writing has already been devalued. You see that in magazines that can’t sell, and websites that provide useful information that go bankrupt. Making money online is getting harder for people who are not part of an existing institution. I hope this changes in the future. Otherwise, we are quickly heading to more monopolies.

If you want a cheap way to do AI and don’t want the hassle of ChatGPT then try Elementor. You might find it does everything you want.

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Update: You can have a website, Elementor, and theme for $9.99. Amazing!