Eating yogurt can have health benefits

Yogurt Comic

I read this article about the scientific benefits of eating yogurt. I have eaten yogurt for most of my life and it has made me feel great.

Since I am allergic to milk I eat non-dairy yogurt. My favorites are the flavored Silk varieties and Oui by Yoplait. Those are delicious to me. The Oui is priced more than Silk but worth it in my opinion.

Yogurt Comic
yogurt comic

Part of what makes yogurt healthy is that it often has bacteria that can help you digest food. I used to take a multivitamin that had digestive enzymes and that helped me feel upset when I ate anything unusual. I also took digestive enzymes separately in the past and that also helped me to digest food. It is amazing how it took away any stomach discomfort I used to feel after eating meals.

Why am I sharing this? Perhaps my routine can help others. I tried many things for breakfast as I have experienced life. As a kid, I ate cereal which was not satisfying at all. Then I ate oatmeal which is nice but makes me feel too full. Then I tried all kinds of stuff which didn’t work out for me. Yogurt is enough to make me feel full and not cause any issues.

One of my favorite flavors for yogurt is strawberry. When I was younger the yogurt that was available to me was dairy and sugar and it made me feel sick. I avoided yogurt for years due to that. The older I get the less I like sugar. Sure it still tastes the same, but I just don’t crave it like I used to. Isn’t it neat that our tastes become more refined as we get older?

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