Don’t let the mundane overwhelm you

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It is easy in life to let things that you need to do overwhelm your sense of joy and peace.

For example I have a list of things that I need to do today but I’m not particularly excited about doing any of them. I am not complaining but it is life that you do things that don’t really mean anything to you. Its for the benefit of others and often it seems like a waste of time.

Lets take IT for example. Many times as an employee you have to do things that you know are BS but are the law and we all play the game of being citizens. We buzz past end user agreements because who has the time to read those? I can’t even imagine that the burden they place on the end user to read and understand is even fair. Lets take someone who isn’t being paid to read legal jargon and require them to accept it so that they can do their job and get paid. In my opinion end user agreements are a form of extorsion. No one can refuse them because the software that we use is required to get paid and no one wants to be homeless.

Everyday we have death by a thousand cuts of things that don’t bring any value to us or anyone else. Yes those companies benefit from limiting their legal liability, and we all lose. The point here is that you can’t focus on things that ultimately don’t matter. We do all these things so that we can enjoy life, so focus on things in life that you enjoy not on the things that you don’t enjoy.

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I enjoy playing video games, cooking, learning and everything else is to support that. We help others because we want to and because we have to. I am convinced that most people only help others because they are getting paid, not because they have kindness in their hearts. Focus on the things that matter in life and let go of thoughts about things that are trivial.