Do you like 80’s/synths/Taco?

taco comic

I stumbled across some amazing videos from a talented man named Taco last night. They are in my Favorite Music library in alphabetical order.

You probably know him as the person who sang “Putting on the Ritz”. I loved that song but I never realized how talented he was. I grew up in a small rural place and didn’t know about his other work. It is amazing. I spent 2 hours last night going through his works and here are my favorites.

One of his most recent songs is called “Heavy metal”. Like They Might be Giants, it is quirky, silly, and sometimes over the top. I love it. His work is inspirational. He is always positive, and his voice is one of the best male voices I have heard. He sings covers of famous songs better than the original artists in my opinion. You might want to check out his Over the Rainbow cover. What is remarkable about this song is that he includes a famous sound from a german obscure group Trio from a song called Da Da Da. When I first heard this song I was like, he sampled Trio? So creative!

He is a great dancer and seems to care for his audience. Some of the songs I put on repeat because they were just so good. Another song I like is “Superphysical Resurrection”. I admit I don’t quite understand it, but it sounds amazing. This was groundbreaking in the 80s and is still groundbreaking today. For someone like me who loves the synth sound, he doesn’t depart from it.

No, I am not his PR I am just stunned by how underrated his talent is. Creative, raw talent, uses classic things in a new way. He is playful and fun in his songs and talented. He sings in multiple languages as well. Other songs “Your the answer to it all” are just another world. They were a world that I would have loved to explore in the 80s. In another song “Got to be your lover” he is clearly playing with the cameramen and the audience through his interactions. He is fun and a breath of fresh air. I wish we had more fun/creative music like this.

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