Do spend too little when you need to?

Budget Comic

Do you have the problem of spending too little when you need to?

This is a problem that I have. Yes, I often spend too much but on the whole, I spend too little on things. Let me give you an example. Today I couldn’t take it anymore and bought a new iPad case. It had broken and the edge was sharp and when I would scroll sometimes it would poke me. I thought that eventually it would get worn down but it didn’t, so I found a new case.

Budget Comic
budget comic

Now when I bought this case I bought two of them. The other one seems to be working fine, but this one broke where I do most of the scrolling on the iPad. This is just another in a long line of things that I bought from a certain online vendor that turned out to be junk. I had used other iPad cases before that never splintered in this way even after being dropped.

The new case that I bought was about $50 and this case was $25 I think. If I had spent the $50 originally I probably wouldn’t have had this problem. I regret almost everything that I bought from that online vendor. While it was convenient, overwhelmingly I have had to rebuy it because it just didn’t last.

Yes, this is a first-world problem. Oh poor me. I have to spend money to buy things! I am not asking for sympathy. I am just saying that sometimes you save money by being cheap and sometimes you don’t. It is challenging to know when to spend the money and when to go cheap. Even with research and reading reviews or having product experience or knowledge, buying products is mostly a crapshoot. On the whole, I do ok and I accept that mistakes will be made.

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The good news is that when a product doesn’t work for me, I often have a friend who loves it. So I have been the product testing for my circle of friends and they are quite happy leaving it up to me.