Didn’t want to commit copyright infringement

batman comic

I didn’t want to commit copyright infringement so I changed my site title. Now it says “Technically curious”

It is a better description of what this site is. It is more than 10 years of writing and refinement and also documents the useful things that I have learned that may help others.

It is also a play on words. Yes, I am curious about technical things. I am also curious about non-technical things. I was often told as a child that curiosity killed the cat, but I’d rather be a dead cat than an ignorant person.

As part of this site’s growth, it has hosted many different kinds of content. Content that I later deleted because my goals changed. I was never looking to become rich, just to have useful content. I deleted many pages and things that I thought detracted from the most important life lessons. Ideally, I would like to concentrate on something even smaller. Sometimes the average person could read and understand and get the most benefit from it.

Time is the enemy for most people and I understand that. You will only get my best.

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