Curved computer monitors are hurting your eyes

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I read this study that said that curved computer monitors are hurting your eyes.

In this study, they used 4k monitors vs flat monitors and curved monitors caused eye fatigue and other problems. I have noted this as well. I shared before that I had a curved ultra-wide monitor and my eyes were red, sore, and tired after using it. I looked into the reasons why this may be the case and it turns out that it actually makes your eyes tired from the study above.

It appears that using flat screens is the way to go. I found this when I was doing research about using tvs as monitors. I have found lots of good information that I will share when I set up the monitor tomorrow. However, I have found things that helped me increase the quality of the image from the TV today with my old monitor. Apparently, I needed to turn down the sharpness. I had the sharpness up high thinking I guess that it make things more distinct. It does, but it has a terrible effect on text. When I turned the sharpness from 75/100 to 0 the quality of the text was much nicer. It no longer appears jagged like old fonts used to look on monitors. This is just one way to optimize using a TV monitor for daily work.

I am left with the difficult decision now of what to do with an expensive 4k curved monitor. Anyone I give it to will have eye problems from using it. However not using it is a waste as well. I haven’t worked out this solution yet. Perhaps something that could be public signage where people would only quickly look at it. I am not sure yet.

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The implications of using curved monitors now are huge. Gamers love using curved monitors and if you share this information with them, they won’t want to not use their expensive curved monitors. In addition, executives often have curved monitors because they like how they look. It is something of a flex to have a curved monitor or what others do not. I will share this with others and hope they care about their health.

The answer for me was using a 55-inch TV screen.