Curiosity isn’t always helpful

Cat Curiosity Comic

I shared before that I am curious about everything. Often that gets me into situations that I shouldn’t do.

For example, I had a recruiter contact me about a company that didn’t get back to me until a month later when I applied. I had gotten a better job, more money, and better working conditions remotely. I originally said that I could interview with them, but then when I was thinking about it after the call it didn’t seem like the best use of my time/energy.

Cat Curiosity Comic
cat curiosity comic

Mostly because I realized that I didn’t want to work for the company given the details that the recruiter supplied me with. I originally said yes to an interview but a few minutes after hanging up realized I had made a mistake. I couldn’t think of anything the company could say to entice me to the position, so I had to let my curiosity go.

Now I shared before that no personal quality is fully helpful. Everything can be a problem depending on how it is applied. In life my curiosity has led me down dead-end streets before that I knew were dead-end. I don’t need to do that. If I think something is a deal-breaker, I just have to more quickly accept the fact that unfortunately, some situations are just not worth getting involved in.

Curiosity is my Achilles heel. We all have weaknesses that others can exploit for their gain. You need to ask yourself, what do I stand to gain from doing something? Is my involvement in this going to help me in a real way, or just in some theoretical abstract one? While gaining knowledge is helpful, there is some knowledge that you don’t want to know. Trust me on this. I have learned plenty of things in life that I wish I didn’t know. Avoiding learning things that don’t help you, is another step to becoming wise.

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