Criminals are stupid

border security image

Have you ever watched Border Patrol shows? The criminals are stupid.

I enjoy watching it and have learned many things from watching it. I have traveled to Canada twice and to Mexico once, so I had a good idea of what happens at the border crossing even on my first time. I researched it and found out what was legal/illegal and then had no problems crossing the border.

When I went to Mexico however the border security person approached me and told me that she needed to swipe my briefcase for drugs. I said sure. I didn’t have a choice but I would have said yes anyway. I could see how I looked suspicious. I only had a small briefcase and one small bag, so I looked like a drug courier. Fortunately, I was clean so I was allowed to continue on my way.

border security image
border security image

What I have learned from watching these shows is where drugs come from. Once you know their country of origin you can pretty much guess with certainty what drug they might be importing. I was also impressed that the border agent correctly identified the drugs faster than me since they probably have to deal with this dozens of times per day at least. So when you watch you can play along and guess what the drug they might find will be.

The situations they present are laughable. People who act like they can’t speak/understand even though they selectively speak/understand. People who when given a translation in their native tongue, refuse to answer questions. People who take drugs internally, (how stupid is that) and go unconscious rather than tell someone that their life could end because they don’t want to admit to having drugs. People who argue with clearly written instructions in their language, and are not good enough to lie to consistently. I think the only one who could outwit them is Garak and there are no Cardassians when you need them. Too many Kardashians however.

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If you want to feel good about your life choices just watch one of these shows. I like the @DangerTV channel on YouTube the most.