Contribute towards something in your life

life in life comic

Find something you believe in and contribute towards it. It makes a huge difference in your happiness.

Every day we have a choice to just live for ourselves or to help others. Judge Judy says that people are either takers or givers in life. I am a giver, and it makes me feel good to give. I don’t understand anyone who doesn’t feel good giving.

life in life comic
life in life comic

I can understand that people feel fear of giving and that they won’t have enough. As Dungeon Master said, “When you need it the most, you must give it away.” I’ll give you an example. Earlier in my life I didn’t have much savings, and I had a friend who was trying to get a job. I knew that if they did the same resume service I did they would get a job. They didn’t have the money, but I barely did. It was hundreds of dollars and it was all that I had in the bank. If I did it, I wouldn’t have any emergency savings. I did it because I cared for my friend, and they got a job and I got a better job and saved even more money. You can’t let your fears control your life.

Now some people would say that was stupid and that I could have had an emergency and not have money. That is true. However it was an emergency for my friend, and I had to step up and make it happen. I made it happen and I feel good about it. This isn’t to say how wonderful I am, but that even when we don’t have much money we can still help others.

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When you help others and contribute to others well being you will experience a joy that you can’t experience just giving yourself pleasure. You will know that you helped someone and made the world a better place. That happiness is more long-lasting and a better value than a quick pleasure.