Consuming less electricity in new apartment

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I shared earlier that my first electric bill in the new apartment was $73. This is a one-bedroom apartment that is about 700 square feet. The previous apartment was two bedrooms and about 900 square feet but it was a garden apartment and had three external walls. The new apartment only has one externally facing wall which is the window wall of course.

Why am I sharing this? I wanted to find some research that showed that people who live in apartments consume fewer resources compared to living in a house. What I found out is that in some cases apartment dwellers use more electricity than those in a house, and that it depends on the number of rooms in the apartment, the age of the building, and so on. This question will require some research and doesn’t have an immediate answer.

The reason that I care about this is that since moving to this new apartment I think I am less willing to consume resources than I did with my old apartment. When I had more space at the old apartment that just gave me more room to buy and test different ideas and projects. I like having a project that I can work on every day. Yesterday for example my project was to fully understand Brave, and I think I accomplished that. I always want to understand the software I use as much as I can, and now I found some neat things I can use like Brave Talk/News.

Another thing I wanted to share is that with the garbage chute 11 steps from my door, I have been making less garbage every day. It used to be that I would empty my big 20-gallon garbage every week but now I can do it every day in a 3 lb bag. I don’t always have enough garbage which means that I am using fewer things that produce waste. So in my mind, I’m thinking, if I am consuming less, then perhaps other apartment people are consuming less as well. This may be a mistake.

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With the built-in heat/AC, I don’t have to pay for the electricity of the AC/electric heater. That is more efficient and better for the environment. I should have moved into an apartment sooner.