Complaining about things that don’t matter

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One of the striking things you realize as you watch reviews of products is that people have an infinite capacity to complain about things that don’t matter.

I was watching a review of a cruise and the person talking was in a luxury room and had every possible luxury. Fantastic food, beautiful weather and every kind of pleasure. He still found things to complain about! I would have been grateful and considered myself lucky to have any part of this experience.

Now I understand they have to be critical to come across as realistic and not a shill to their viewers. Still they need to be honest and say “I can’t find reasons the average person would be unhappy with this, and even experienced cruisers will love it.” I couldn’t believe the things that they complained about. It isn’t just this reviewer but many cruise reviewers are looking for the most insignificant problems. One of them complained that he could clearly hear the conversations in the next room on a new ship. Honestly most people are not in their rooms evaluating the sound properties. The one cruise I was on I was out of my room experiencing life and not worrying if I could hear the other people.

Yes the argument for them to be this critical is that things that bother them might bother other people. That is true they might. However what I have also realized in life is that the more you look for faults the more you find them. As much as possible I only complain about things that present a real risk to the health or safety of others. For example I would report what looked like black mold, but I wouldn’t bother complaining about neighbors who are loud or I can hear through the walls. As much as possible I try to give people space to live and I wonder if we have gone too far towards personal rights and not enough community minded.

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When we complain about things that don’t matter we don’t enjoy the moment and our life has less joy than it could. The problem of having a luxury is that you get used to it, and then you need more in the future. Yes I am guilty of this as well. I got increasingly larger sizes of monitors to help my eyes and now I have a freakin projector screen set up in my living room/office. I am guilty of this too. You have to carefully limit your luxuries or you will create expectations that will color your entire life.

Now I could argue that using a projector saves energy. This projector requires less energy than the Sony 55 inch TV and has a much larger image. I am being more environmental by using this projector. The only slight downside is a little blurring in the bottom right. However this is only from the particular cheap projector I bought and probably doesn’t exist in more expensive models. Still for the price this is an amazing luxury for me. I knew that I would love this projector and I have and even though its not perfect it is good enough.

Enjoying life sometimes means being happy with things that are good enough. You don’t need the best to be happy and often the best is the worst reliable and biggest disappointment. Speaking from personal experience here with luxury cars.