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Companies that care when you cancel

Migration Wishes
Migration Wishes
migration wishes

I’m tired of dealing with companies that only care about customer service when you cancel.

My friend who I helped move hosting companies didn’t get any help when she called for help. She couldn’t log into her WordPress site and that is unacceptable.

The process was easy to do and InMotion worked on Sunday and restored the Cpanel backup. Then this morning I updated the DNS and everything worked like a charm.

Now the issue is that companies that care when you try to cancel. In that cancelation form, it was like a wizard that was several steps. First, they make it complicated. Second, they repeatedly asked after I selected through the process that I wanted to cancel if I wanted to escalate to the top. Sorry, that time is past. Third, I had to spend 5 minutes on something that should have been less than 15 seconds. Ridiculous.

At no time has a company that has asked if they can take steps to keep me as a customer changed my mind. You had one chance to be a good vendor and you blew it. You won’t get another.

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