Comfortable Bamboo socks that are environmental

bamboo socks screenshot

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As you know Bamboo is an environmental material because it can grow fast and is easily recyclable. In addition, it is pretty flexible as a material and I have several objects made from Bamboo. I am trying to avoid artificial materials as much as possible so that I reduce the environmental burden of my existence.

Wearing these socks has been a wonderful experience. They don’t snag like my old cotton socks used to, and they actually keep my feet warmer even though they are thinner. I think it is because there are fewer gaps in the weave, and the tighter gap keeps the warmth better. I wear these with my shoes during winter and my feet feel very warm.

The thinness is also nice because they don’t rub against your feet like thicker socks do. I used to wear thicker socks but the problem is that often they bunch up and cause issues. Plus when you take them off they are drier than the thicker socks. So my guess is that my feet are healthier since they are not overwarm in thick socks.

I have tried many socks in my life and so far this is my favorite one. Not much in the style department, but super easy to sort with the laundry. Bamboo socks rocks!


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