Coincidence? I think not.

scared pet comic

Time after time I get situations that seem to be coincidences. I think not.

Today for example I happened to talk to someone that I happened to talk to a few days before. I hadn’t seen that person in months, and then I just happened to randomly cross paths with her. Then today when I was doing something random, I had the feeling to stop by and see her again. This time it was her turn to be surprised because she told me that she had just “thought of me this morning”.

scared pet comic
scared pet comic

The older I become, the less I think coincidences are just chance. I don’t pretend to know how they work, but we seem to attract things to our lives. For example, today I was thinking of someone and they called me. It often happens when I am thinking of someone else, they are also thinking of me.

This quality has surprised the people in my life often. I have just shown up at the perfect time and they were surprised and thrilled I was there. Just like this morning, I get a sense of doing something. I don’t always have a good answer why, and it is not a normal thing I did to visit the person this morning. You just get a sense of needing to do something and I honor it.

I think that trusting yourself and your hunches is a good thing. Now you have to be careful here because some hunches are just assumptions, and that doesn’t help you. I think though one difference is that an assumption is generally negative toward something/someone, and a hunch is just a guess that you don’t have a specific reason for.

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For example, I had a hunch today to say something to someone and I did it and it turned out very well. Many times when I speak I say things not because I am trying to prove a point, but because I feel prompted to speak. Yes, I understand this may sound strange, but it is the truth. Sometimes what you say isn’t because you want to say it, but because it seems to be inspired by something else.

I don’t know fully why I do everything, but I am ok with having a mystery as part of my character. It is a special thing to feel drawn to things and not always need to justify the reason.