Christmas hero begged people for help

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You might have read the story about the man who saved 24 people inside a school. Part of the story also is about how he asked several residents for shelter and even offered to pay them $500 for a night and they said no.

This is the part that I have a problem understanding. If someone is presenting themselves asking for help and helping others in a record storm and even offering money, what is the problem to help them? I am not judging the people who said no, but it is also sad that no one was willing to help those who were suffering. What kind of society have we become?

Listen I understand we don’t know the details of their situation. Perhaps they were afraid of being victims of crime, or maybe they were afraid of getting sick from Covid or other diseases. I get that uncertainty is difficult. However when emergencies happen, can’t we have some understanding and try to at least listen to others?

It really bothered me to read this. I have a hard time with people who are unempathetic to others. I don’t understand it frankly. I can understand being afraid, but I can’t understand how they fail to put themselves in their position. What happens when those people who said no need help? Should we say no to them and treat them in the same way? No, we should always be kind to others and help them understand the value of helping.

When people feel so disconnected from their community what a limited and sad life they lead. The people who said no clearly don’t feel that community is two-way. Many people in this country feel that life is just about getting yours and to hell with everyone else. They never feel the joy of giving or the love of humanity that can happen.

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It was a cold night when he asked for help, but for those people who said no, it was much colder in their hearts.