Cheap things are often more fun than expensive things

therapy comic

I used to think that more expensive toys would be more fun. Boy was I wrong about that.

For example, I always bought the newest PlayStation when it came out. I didn’t do that with the PS 5 because after owning all of them I just didn’t feel it was worth it anymore. Sure it has beautiful graphics and fun games, but the time requirements to play a game is extreme. I would rather do other things with my time than sit in front of a TV.

I think part of this is that I sit in front of a TV when I am doing my job. Is it progress to go from one TV to another? I don’t want that kind of life where I am just looking at an image rather than reality. One of the things that I wonder about today’s children is if they miss something by not having the kind of childhood I had. Where you didn’t have an entertainment system and you had to make your own fun. I wonder if they will ever discover other things that they might enjoy when game systems are so compelling.

Don’t misunderstand. There are plenty of advantages for kids growing up now. I would have loved to have the internet as a child. Still, the downsides are pretty strong as well. They get bullied online, they learn terrible things about the world that are confusing and depressing. I don’t blame anyone who is under medical care or sees a therapist. Life is challenging, and even with a supportive family and friends, it can be difficult to be a positive force in the world.

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The amount of enjoyment is not dependent on how much you spend. There were many simple toys I enjoyed as a kid and in some ways, I enjoyed things more as a child than as an adult. One of the challenging things about being an adult is a sense of not being able to hold onto a childlike wonder of the beauty of the world. It’s strange isn’t it? We think that money will make us happy, yet weren’t we the happiest as a child without money?