Change happens slowly

climate change bear comic

Change in life happens slowly. Often it is working at levels that we can’t see.

Take for example the education of people about anything in life. There are many times that I have been educated by others and I had to stop and think if what I was doing was helping me or not. Too often we don’t think about what we do, and when we do realize our mistake we can learn from it.

I think that people don’t change until they get personally hurt by their beliefs. If a belief is helping them, then why change it? Yet we see each day the cost of believing in things that we want to be true, instead of what is reality.

climate change bear comic
Climate Change Bear comic

For example, I once had a boss who denied climate change. I didn’t argue with him. I wasn’t going to convince him that he was wrong. It is not our job to educate people who are ignorant. People will not listen to reality until they are forced to. Eventually, everyone will have a situation where reality happens, and they either learn from it and grow or try to deny it and suffer.

I am not anyone’s punisher. As much as I would like for people who are selfish, ignorant, or lazy to learn I can not change them. I learned long ago that you have to let people do what they think is best and when it doesn’t work, wait until they ask you for help.

Many times people are too proud to ask for help. This is what I find incredible. I’d rather find a solution than be in pain. Yet incredibly, many people would rather suffer than admit they don’t know something. This is just so arrogant and unnecessary. So what if people think you are stupid? I’d rather be thought stupid than be afraid to find the solution to something that is harming me and others.

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If you can change a little bit each day, you will find that life isn’t so threatening and you can adapt to reality. If you can’t, well you just become deader each day.