Bug or something more SINISTER?

mr sinister comic

Yes, I’m being silly. I was thinking of Mr. Sinister when I said that.

I wrote a post and when I went to publish it an hour ago I couldn’t. I troubleshoot it and discovered others had the same problem with the plugin as me. I bought a plugin to try to fix it and that plugin didn’t work and cost me money! I asked them for a refund and I think they will give it to me since they advertise no questions asked.

The bug seems to be that something in the code of my last post wouldn’t allow me to post. I removed the photo which the author said can complicate things and the post didn’t post. Then I created a new post with a new title and copied the text code in the non-Gutenberg editor and pasted it in the new post. That wouldn’t post either.

At this point, I knew I needed help. I wrote up this beautiful explanation and details at WordPress support and even created an account to do so. Man, I was ready to get some expert support to know what I did wrong. I was excited because the solution was near!

Now at the same time, I had been trying to verify my website with another company to be a part of their affiliate program. Gotta keep the lights on. They wanted me to add some text and then reply back. I did that and the post was published on LinkedIn. So what I want to publish I couldn’t, and what I didn’t need to publish did publish.

I was happy and sad about this. I was happy that it was working, and sad that I wasted my time in troubleshooting the issue rather than just trying the simple solution of a different post. More sad that I had spent money on something that didn’t work and now had to ask for a refund. However in IT, you do lots of things to find a solution, and that is just part of the game.

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Going back to WordPress support I told the first author what happened and then proceeded to write this post. I have no doubt it will publish properly and the issue will be confirmed fixed. Then I will update him and perhaps this will help him troubleshoot and understand where his users are having problems.

So a busy day, but perhaps not a wasted one.