Blackout curtains working great for sound damping

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I bought some blackout curtains to make the projector look better during the day. I installed them today and the projector image looks better than ever. Now I am wondering why did I wait so long to do it.

Carpet Matching
carpet matching

It wasn’t because of a lack of trying. I tried two other tension rods/ways to do this, but the problem is that those didn’t work. Since the window is very wide and several windows across I hadn’t had experience with that before. I couldn’t use a drill/hanger so I had to be creative. I had a friend who helped me with the solution and so far it is working great.

The sound damping curtains I will install in the bedroom and now that I know what I am doing it will be much easier. It is not easy putting up curtains by yourself, but it is possible. You just have to think things through and try to use some creativity. One of the creative things that I did was to use packing tape to double secure the hook/curtain rod so it doesn’t fall. I folded the packing tape in half and then looped it around the curtain rod/hook so that if there is shaking from an earthquake, it has a slightly better chance of staying on the hook. Although I’m ok if it falls in an earthquake. That will be a problem I will solve then.

I also used twice the amount of curtain hanging hooks to give more strength to the hook that I got. The reviews were poor in the store about their hooks, but my consultant suggested them so I will see if it works. I tend to try something out and if it doesn’t work, see if I can modify it to be more reliable. I don’t mind trying a cheap solution. The expensive solutions that I tried didn’t work and were also frustrating to try to get to work.

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It feels good when you can find a way to improve the quality of your life for a small cost. I am glad that I can do these things. Even if they fail, I will learn from them and improve my next attempt.