Being rear-ended is no fun

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I was rear-ended in a traffic accident, and it was no fun.

It was a long time ago, and I knew there was going to be a problem when I saw the driver. I was on the Interstate Highway and she was playing with her dog. She was slowing down and hitting the brakes, so I thought I would get ahead of her so she wouldn’t stop and I would be at fault for rear-ending her.

ai cavemen cartoon
ai cavemen cartoon

Well, I got ahead of her, but unfortunately, I came to a toll plaza that required you to stop and put in your money or have a wireless card and I saw the same car choose my lane and didn’t slow down and rear-ended me. I pulled over after I went through the gate to deal with the situation.

I got out of my car to exchange information and one of the toll plaza people asked if I wanted them to call the police. I didn’t think that was necessary so I said no. The police showed up anyway. I gave them all the info and then since my car only had minor damage I continued on my way.

It turned out the next few days that my neck felt sore and I went to my chiropractor and got my body adjusted. I continued to have some aches in my body so I went two more times and then I felt normal. Each treatment at the time was about $60. Eventually, her insurance guy called me to ask what my medical bills were and I told him that I had to see the chiropractor for 3 treatments and I spent $180. He said no problem I will send you a check today. The car was covered by the other person’s insurance for repairs so I wasn’t out anything.

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All in all, it was the kind of low-speed accident you want. I am glad no one was seriously hurt.