Being ignored sucks

ignored sucks comic

Being ignored sucks. It is especially annoying when it happens with a coworker.

Of course this is someone trying to assert their alpha male status. This is something that white men love to do but they are not alone in it. I have found that people who have emotional issues and who get upset at others challenging their view do this.

So what can you do? You can try to talk with them, but most of the time this doesn’t help. This Is an issue that you can’t fix. Unfortunately some people just don’t know how to respect others. When they can’t respect others with their words, then they won’t do it with their actions either.

In life we have the choice always to allow other peoples negative behavior to influence us or not. Most of the time this is related to our ego and not to the real harm that is doing. Of course teamwork suffers when people don’t feel psychologically safe to have an opposing point of view. Then groupthink happens, and the richness of solutions is decreased at a company.

I see time and time again that companies that fail, do so first in their communication with their coworkers. They interrupt, laugh at them, and minimize what the other person is bringing to the table. I never understand this. If someone is worthwhile to be hired, why not listen to them and consider their point of view?

If I as a white male get yelled at in companies, I can’t imagine the environment for non-white males. I have seen minorities and women get dismissed at companies because of their not being white men. I hope that at some point people can look at the content of what people bring and not their exterior.

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