Beautiful wireless iPhone charger

iphone charger screenshot

I found this beautiful wireless iPhone charger. I have really enjoyed it so far.

The major thing that this helps me with is cable management. I was just using a loose cable and now with this, it is easier to just magnetically attach it. I am surprised by how much nicer it makes the experience of charging the phone is.

I have it connected to my Ivanky adapter and it really makes my desk look nicer. I don’t understand why people are so focused on cable management. There are always going to be cables for anyone who is working with technology. I think the biggest people who would appreciate this are people who focus on how things look. Certainty executives and people who are creative. I do enjoy the smooth movement of the head with the magnetic lock. I find it really connects well with the iPhone 13 that I have.

I have a friend who has an iPhone 11 phone and you can put it on the base and it charges it there. So it is useful and compatible with devices that are not listed in the ad. I am surprised they don’t add that information in the description.

The hardware seems reliable and the only downside is that one of the reviewers said it broke after six months. If that happens I will deal with it, but so far I don’t think that is going to happen. Even though it was made in China, it seems pretty good quality. It is pretty simple, so maybe they can’t screw this up.

The last thing that you should know about this is that since it is not an official Apple adapter Apple could refuse to repair your phone if it damages it. That said, I have helped people who had third-party wireless iPhone chargers and they have never damaged any iPhone that I have heard of. While it may happen, I don’t know it and the risk to me seems small.

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