Beautiful art at thrift stores

Peacock Fine Art
Peacock Fine Art
Peacock fine art

I found beautiful art at thrift stores. I was always surprised when I found it.

Why would someone donate something so beautiful? No accounting for taste. I bought whatever I could afford. Why am I sharing this? I was watching the Groove Armada video Get Out on the Dance floor and one of the paintings on the walls reminded me of framed artwork that I had bought from a thrift store. I was only a few dollars and looked in perfect condition. I estimated new it was probably more than $100. It looked similar to the art in this story.

In the news, we sometimes read that people find famous works of art in thrift stores. Could there be any more clear contempt for culture that people throw away valuable cultural pieces? Not even checking them out for possible value. If I inherited a house that had things that I didn’t know the worth of, I would make it my business to find out if they were valuable and then find a museum to donate them to.

This is part of being an HSP. We see culture easily and we see beauty in value in most things. I shared earlier that I had taken an aptitude test and it said this quality looked for value because of empathy and could be taken advantage of by people who were not sincere. That has certainly happened in my life. I have often believed in people more than they deserved by their actions. Looking back I should have been less empathic to their potential, and more realistic about their character.

I am not complaining. I don’t regret being kind. Life allows you to learn from your mistakes. However HSP can tend to be idealistic, and we have to be aware that not everyone is as positive and empathic as we are. I expect positive intentions, but I am aware that people can have selfish intentions. When people’s behavior isn’t positive and helpful, then I pull away from them and let them find their path without me being part of it.

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Life is about growing, and whatever that means to others I know what it means to me. Art and culture are only the reflection of our internal selves. I want to be inspired and grow, not stuck in whatever mental quicksand I see others in.