Avoid nuuly.com if you want to rent women’s clothes

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Nice Clothing
nice clothing

Now why would I as a man care about wearing women’s clothes? Is it possible that there is a woman in my life that I want to look beautiful?

I did some research and I read positive reviews of this women’s rental clothes service. Unfortunately, the reality was nothing like what those reviews talked about. It was terrible in every aspect.

First unlike competing services if you received your clothes and didn’t like them, you had to wait an entire month to get new clothes. Other clothes rental services let you return the clothes and then new clothes would be shipped when they were received. If you wanted clothes early you had to pay an entire month’s rental cost to get a new batch. I did this and they were so slow to send the new clothes. They reduced the time you could use your clothes to 25 days instead of a full month because of the slow recognition of the clothes returned and sent out of new ones. It honestly felt like a scam.

Second, the quality of the clothes was poor. Not only the quality of the clothes but also the condition they were received in. Some clothes were new with tags, but others were not wearable because they were wrinkled or had other issues.

Third, the sizes were way off. The sizes were way off. Some were 3 sizes too big or too small. Yes, there is always going to be variation, but the bottom line is that after two months, only 2-3 out of 12 clothes could be worn. It was sad and not worth it.

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For all of these reasons and more I was told to cancel this service and the old dress service that she had been using was now giving more options. Don’t be fooled. If you want to look gorgeous with new clothes, this is not the service to do it.