Are some things just broken?

'My A/C is broken.'

I am concluding that some things are just broken in life and no amount of repair will fix them.

For example, ever since the beginning of the Internet and browsing the web, web browsers have been vulnerable to hacking. They still aren’t secure even with the constant and almost every other day updates. If web browsers haven’t gotten secure in the 30ish years we have had them, I don’t think they will ever be secure.

The problem I think is just the impossible task web browsers are asked to do. They are supposed to keep you safe no matter the conditions. I consider a browser like a car. It can protect you from understood threats, but it can’t possibly protect you from threats that are not known. The amount of hackers working to compromise systems makes the threats that are not known an impossible task. I don’t know if this kind of security will ever work.

'My A/C is broken.'
‘My A/C is broken.’

I think that technology makes things too complicated. The goal of using the internet is to entertain, inform, share, sell, and more. We need to approach each site with no permission and then grant it as we want them to do things. Or be able to dynamically give permissions on a daily or per-hour basis. Something like “Please search for X and use all zones on the internet except the dark web.” We should have more control over our search requests, and over how websites interact with us, and security should be always bringing things to your attention that are questionable. Things like having your cam on, or having your location shared with anyone. I like Apple’s security model of specifically asking for permission. Microsoft shares and knows too many things and it is vague in how much everyone knows when you use their computer.

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Now you might say people don’t want that. How do you know? Maybe some company needs to try it. I think the reason that people use browsers like Brave and encrypted email systems is that they are aware of security and they want it. Once they have been hacked, or had money stolen people are very interested in security. We take the approach in tech that non-tech people are idiots. They aren’t. They simply haven’t had the opportunity to understand things as we have. If we educate them, they become a partner with security, not an enemy.

We are a team keeping criminal and mal intent out of valid systems. Let’s act like one.