Anyone else had more recruiter contact lately?

stressful recruiters comic

Has anyone else had more recruiter contact lately? This isn’t just brag I am just curious.

It seemed that when the year started the recruiters were coming out of the woodwork for me. It has increased. I think this is because of the low unemployment that companies are casting a wider net, so I have seen the brunt. It isn’t unusual for me to get 8 recruiters a day. Almost one per hour. While that is flattering, it says the market is needing people.

stressful recruiters comic
stressful recruiters comic

I think this is interesting. Some companies have pursued an RTO strategy and people have left. As boomers and others retire, we see more urgency in recruiters. Many companies have gone WFH or hybrid, and I think it is just a matter of time until all companies that can be WFH are WFH. Executives have seen the cost of forcing adult people to work in the office. It just doesn’t work for many people.

What has been exciting since the pandemic is that it is normal for employees to be worldwide. It is fun to do Zoom meetings and have people worldwide as part of your coworkers. Part of the reason I wanted to live in a big city is to be exposed to all kinds of people and with Zoom/Teams I can be exposed to all kinds of people from home. That makes the Internet worth it.

Now returning to recruiters, I think their job is always tough. You don’t get to work with a system you created like you do in IT. You have to constantly create new things and find new people. What I think is interesting about recruiting is when a recruiter finds someone and they are a client of a client. It can get tricky but I have done that twice and it has worked out well. I never would have found those opportunities without the recruiters, so thank you. A good recruiter makes all the poor recruiters bearable.

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Good luck recruiters. You certainly need it.