André Taylor is the man to understand the luxury market

andre taylor photo

One of my jobs had me working for billionaires and part of my job was to go to their homes and help them with IT issues. It was certainly interesting.

Because of this, I have an insight into the lifestyle of wealthy people. I happened to watch his videos by chance and thought what he said was thoughtful and valuable. I agree with many of his ideas, although not all of them. I think you can respect and admire someone, but not necessarily agree with everything that they say. Perhaps I am ignorant, or I will change my mind in time. I am open to being wrong as well.

Why am I sharing this? I share what I find of value in my daily life. If you work in luxury, you will want to read and understand what this man talks about. He has given a wealth of information on his youtube channel and if I were a business I would partner with him in a second. Rich people are getting richer and so one secure way to make a good living is to work in the luxury market.

What I find interesting about what he talks about is the mindset of wealthy people. I think that too often people who were not born wealthy can’t understand the preferential treatment that wealthy people get. They may intellectually understand it, but never experience the daily thousand small benefits of being wealthy. For example, I used to live in wealthy neighborhoods and I would dress in a manner that make me look rich. I was not trying to look wealthy, I just liked nice clothes. When you are dressed nicely you get a halo effect and people treat you differently and it even saves you money often. Just looking and acting wealthy is a big step to understanding that life.

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I do not want to try to be something I am not. I appreciate quality things and the craftsmanship and artistry it took to design them. I can understand why rich people are motivated to maintain that lifestyle. I am not judging anyone. There are disadvantages to every advantage and being wealthy has its share of disadvantages as well. No one has an easy road in life no matter how it may appear from outside of their own life.