Allpowers 200W folding power my favorite solar panel

solar panels photo

The Allpowers 200W folding power is my favorite solar panel.

solar panels photo
solar panels photo

Why? I put it out the window this morning and normally the old solar panel wouldn’t get much electricity If any because of the shade of the building. This immediately started producing major power 1.1 amps even with the shade. When it is fully sunny I expect it to probably double what the old solar panel was giving me.

What is so exciting for me is that not only is the absolute strength double, but it also increases the available time I can collect solar power. This is better than I had hoped. I am glad that I bought this product. While it is not as durable as the old solar panel, if I am careful with it I probably won’t have any issues. I had to get clever with using a paracord to secure it with the same clips that I used in my last solar panel. It feels secure but time will tell. It is about 16 lbs and that is double the weight of the old solar panel, which is fine because again it has more panels and more size which makes that reasonable.

In some ways it makes the old solar panel seem old technology due to the lower ability to deal with shade and its overall lower energy output. I love the fact that I just started getting power when I didn’t expect to get any this morning. What a wonderful surprise that was.

Now I am tempted to get a smaller power generator and plug in my old solar panel to another window in the morning to get the morning sun on the East side. Although the power is going to be so low I am not sure it is worth my time. I would run the power to the larger unit but I am still mulling this over. I am not sure that is the best use of my time.

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It is wonderful having choices, isn’t it?