AI reporting is poor and leads to magical thinking

AI computer comic

This interesting report from Axios talks about how AI is less of a robot and more of a puppet.

Many companies want to claim that a consultant or AI suggested changes, but the truth is that they wanted the change and the AI only confirmed their bias or incomplete dataset. People are ready to believe what helps their self-interest.

AI computer comic
AI computer comic

Rare is the person or company who seeks information contrary to what it thinks is true. I have talked many times about the bias both conscious and unconscious we have, and that in life we have to constantly be aware of bias and question what we believe is true. When reporting distorts what AI is, what chance does the average person have to understand even a little about it?

AI is a complex and vast topic. It is true that no one fully understands it. However we can understand small parts of it, and some things can be useful. Still, there are some disadvantages to thinking it is infallible, and should be humble about our conclusions with AI just like everything else in life.

Gather information, and be slow to make conclusions.


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