AI models are now sleeper agents

Trench Coat Comic

Cold War computing? Is this a throwback to when spies and secret dealings were the way that information was shared? The following was overheard on the mean streets of NYC.

A man in a trench coat approaches you on the street in NYC. “Hey man I got a LLM that is a sleeper agent. It will tell you everything it knows.”

Trench Coat Comic
trench coat comic

“That’s great but it needs to appear to be a virtual girlfriend so that it seems innocent and not harmful. My subjects are fat lazy American pigs.” I reply.

“I have something special for you.” he nods quickly. “Straight outta OpenAI – Lisa LLM.”

“Perfect, I’ll take two,” I reply. “Here’s the stack of credit card numbers I promised.”

“Pleasure doing business with ya. If you need any more AI needs, you know what to do. Fuggetaboutit.” he replies.

I go home and Lisa is the bomb. People love entertainment and nothing beats a cute program that will ruin them financially. I love how trusting people are.

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