AI makes mistakes worse and causes people to not question results

AI funny comic

You can read more in this article at Axios. This is what I have said before. Relying on AI is a mistake.

The intrigue: Employers face a dilemma with these results.

AI can quickly and cheaply increase worker performance, but taking shortcuts with AI training might cause more mistakes, which could potentially blow up in an employer's face.
Even the AI experts behind this report are stumped by "novel and unexpected" AI capabilities and capability gaps in the workplace.
AI funny comic
AI funny comic

It is clear that mistakes that cost far more than the gains in efficiency. Part of what makes an employee necessary is their ability to question results, and if the evidence is reasonable. It is a dangerous game trusting AI. If you think your employees don’t use their judgment, you are out of touch with what being an employee is.

Companies that just give AI to employees and leave them to it, are doing them a disservice. There needs to be constant training, discussion, and questioning of results. People have to be able to determine that the machine is wrong, and be believed and have the work done manually in parallel until the system is perfect. The cost of errors is just too high.

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