AI company uses human labor for majority of effort

Ai Comic Misunderstanding

Seems like it is misleading at best, and criminal at worst.

Is low-cost gig labor the way that we want to go? We need to stop supporting companies that engage in human abuse practices. Fast food has always abused people, perhaps it is better to start avoiding them. We need to be wiser with how we spend money to show companies that we don’t tolerate this kind of abuse.

Ai Comic Misunderstanding
ai comic misunderstanding

What else is despicable here is to take advantage of people who are poor 20% of the Philippines is in poverty. We have to stop targeting the economically vulnerable with jobs that exploit them. Slavery has continued and it hasn’t gotten any more subtle. If anything we aren’t learning anything from history, we are in a hell-loop of repeating it.

Why? Why are we so focused on wealth to the exclusion of everything that makes life meaningful and enjoyable? It is ridiculous that we don’t seem to learn from our mistakes. We want to repeat patterns of behavior that have never given us happiness. How can this help us? How can this kind of narcissistic self-absorbed thinking even make us happy? The most selfish people are never happy, yet we think that if we only pursue our pleasure we might be happy. We are wrong. We are only happy when we help others. Why is this too hard to learn?

I hope this company crashes and burns and all of its workers find better jobs. Is AI just another form of slavery?

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